Step 4 on the Discipleship Pathway



Throughout the Bible we read about the importance of serving God and one another, such as Joshua 22:5, where we read:

“…love the Lord your God, and walk in all his ways and keep his commandments and cling to him and serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

Jesus Christ himself modeled this with His disciples and others He encountered during His earthly ministries. Jesus’ example should serve as a model for His followers to selflessly serve one another faithfully.

Here at First Family Church we talk about our three key values: to celebrate, grow, and serve. As you are a part of our church family, we encourage you to be involved by serving in our ministries. We have many different areas for you to get plugged in with that will allow you to use your gifts and talents to serve God and others.


Giving back to God from that which He provided for us is a foundational principle of Christianity and an important part of your relationship with Christ.


At First Family, we embrace the mission left to us by Jesus by 1) planting churches 2) partnering with others, and 3) powerfully witnessing as individuals. These three thrusts comprise the bulk of our outreach strategy.

Currently, FFC’s missionaries and partnerships include those in areas both unreached (pioneer regions) and reached (mobilizing regions), but for security reasons we do not list any of our GO partners on this site. If you’d like to know more about our GO partners, please to contact us.

FLASH Sports

FLASH Sports was founded several years ago as an outreach ministry at FFC. Although the program revolves around basketball and volleyball, the name FLASH indicates the true purpose for this basketball program: FLASH is an acronym for Future Leaders Always Serving Him. The FLASH coaching and playing philosophies reflect that its players and coaches serve God in all that they do, and they do their best to share the message of the Gospel with other players and teams during tournaments and games.

Since its inception, FLASH has been a part of First Family Church, although the team is open to anyone in the community. The coaching style encourages instilling a love for basketball, teamwork, and developing basketball skills in the kids, and as such, the focus is not on winning the game, but playing the game well.

The FLASH program relies on parents to be involved in coaching and encourages parents to play with their kids throughout the week to develop better relationships as they develop playing skills.

FLASH has several teams who compete at weekend tournaments throughout the Des Moines metro and Central Iowa area, as well as periodic camps for both volleyball and basketball.

If you are interested in getting involved in this great sports ministry, contact FLASH Director RJ Parks.