Missions at First Family

At First Family, we embrace the mission left to us by Jesus by 1) planting churches 2) partnering with others, and 3) powerfully witnessing as individuals. These three thrusts comprise the bulk of our outreach strategy.

Each year we plan a number of short-term mission trips to both assist our global parters as well as have an impact on those going on the trips, helping them gain a global perspective of the gospel mission.

2020 Short Term Trips

DATE: June 7–13 
LEADER: Tom Urban 
COST: $500 

Though the primary avenue for street witnessing we’ve been using for over 10 years has now closed, there are still evangelistic open doors within and around Manti. Join Tom Urban and his small team of servants as they explore and engage ways to impact the local towns of that region with the gospel. This first year will be smaller in scale and more exploratory in nature. This team will continue to partner with Tri-Grace Ministries and trusted churches in the area, and details are still being developed for the new strategy of helping them evangelize in a concentrated manner during a specific week. Ideal for families, couples, and individuals, especially Manti veterans. This trip is very accessible financially and logistically. 

DATE: July 25–31 
LEADER: Mark Schultz 

In November 2019, former FFCers Keith and Nikki Ryan launched Lighthouse Church in Cold Springs, NV, a small town just outside of Reno, NV. Our team will partner with FFC Bondurant’s team, which is led by Mark Schultz, and spend a week focusing on assisting this new church plant with outreach and evangelism. Ideal for families, couples, and individuals, and more accessible financially and logistically. 

DATE: May 24–31 / May 24–June 20 
LEADERS: Travis Walker
COST: $1,800–$2,000 / $3,500–$4,000 

Team One will spend about a week serving and encouraging Timur and Amina Nesbitt, our partners and church planters in Almaty. Led by Travis Walker, this team will mainly focus on church assistance, prayer, and edification of the general body of believers in the local church there. Team Two will invest about a month in city-wide outreach in conjunction with IMB partners Jason and Alicia Kopp, who also work alongside our planters there. Using ESL, this team will primarily focus on university outreach to students. If you would like exposure to missions in a closed country, either team is an excellent opportunity. For those with flexibility in their summer schedule who would like to devote a longer period of time in a foreign mission setting, or anyone considering missions as a long-term possibility, Team Two is a solid choice that contains the benefits of longer involvement and deeper perspective.

DATE: May 11–19 
LEADER: Dale Sikes 
COST: $1,700–$2,000 

Our past trips included assisting our partners, Gary and Kate DeGraaf, with evangelistic outreaches as well as physical renovation projects within their recently purchased building. The church is now ready to move in and we hope to be there for the dedication. Dale Sikes is leading this team who will continue to embrace both types of service opportunities, using the various gifts and talents of FFCers to encourage and assist the believers and leaders there. This trip is well suited for families, couples, and individuals. 

DATE: May 24–June 1 
LEADER: Todd Stiles 
COST: $1,100 

Todd Stiles will serve with Tim Lubinus, the team leader, who will lead this team as they will be getting first-hand exposure to and boots-on-the-ground interaction with several partnering organizations in this closed country. They will visit IMB partners, seeing their strategy and work, and will also engage with near-culture Albanian church planters who work with the Daniel Project. In addition, there is a learning component that will focus on select New Testament places where the gospel once thrived. This team is best for individuals or couples who can maintain a lively, daily pace and who can work with others from BCI-affiliated churches who will also be joining us on this trip. 

DATE: July 7–12 
LEADER: Jake Walton 
COST: $100 

This outreach experience will involve students in service projects and evangelistic opportunities both in Ankeny and in Des Moines. Led by our Youth Director and a team of solid volunteers, this “trip” is open to Middle School and High School students willing to go the extra mile and spend multiple days and evenings “on mission” in our own backyard. 


Currently, FFC’s missionaries and partnerships include those in areas both unreached (pioneer regions) and reached (mobilizing regions), but for security reasons we do not list any of our GO partners on this site. If you'd like to find out about our partners, just fill out the form below.

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