Missions at First Family

At First Family, we embrace the mission left to us by Jesus by 1) planting churches 2) partnering with others, and 3) powerfully witnessing as individuals. These three thrusts comprise the bulk of our outreach strategy.

Each year we plan a number of short-term mission trips to both assist our global partners as well as have an impact on those going on the trips, helping them gain a global perspective of the gospel mission.

2021 Short Term Trips

The elders have asked the mobilization team to limit 2021 mission trip registration to those trips where travel is not restricted to and from the US. This will hopefully prevent unnecessary work and spending. If travel opens up from the US, FFC will gladly invest financially and personally. Till then, let us focus our energy and investments so that there is no waste in either. At this time, all of our trips are planned, but none are available for registration. We’ll pass on any updates as we receive them.


Currently, FFC’s missionaries and partnerships include those in areas both unreached (pioneer regions) and reached (mobilizing regions), but for security reasons we do not list any of our GO partners on this site. If you'd like to find out about our partners, just fill out the form below.

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