Membership at First Family

First Family sees membership as the public recognition of and identification with the responsibilities that accompany belonging to the body of Christ.

We’ve made some important changes to membership in 2020. Our desire is to make membership more meaningful. We’re asking every person who calls FFC home to update their membership status. If you’re currently a member, we’re asking you to affirm your membership. Just click the Membership Affirmation link below and fill it out. If you’re not currently a member, we’re asking you to become a member in 2020. You can sign up for the next two-week Membership Class below.


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More Meaningful Membership in 2020

For more info on First Family membership changes, listen to the Fireside Chat with the elders from November 2019.

3 Membership Commitments at FFC

We will ask you to affirm three statements taken from the responsibilities the early church embraced in Acts 2.

2. “I am committed to growing as a disciple, which means I am willing to engage in the habits that identify believers, such as baptism, Bible study, prayer, giving, serving, witnessing, and worshipping, to name a few.”

3. “I am committed to church unity, which means I will do my best to keep things right personally with other believers in this body; and when they aren’t, I will go to them one-on-one first and settle any differences.”

Members are able to confirm appointed church officers, approve the annual budget, as well as affirm other church-wide matters that need congregational support as outlined by our by-laws.

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