Without Him we can do…
Todd Stiles   -  

Jesus declared, quite audaciously, that without him we could do nothing. You read that right—nothing (John 15).

To be sure, if we’re not abiding in him, nothing of eternal value, and for sure nothing spiritually impossible, can be done. That doesn’t mean other things can’t be done, though. As Matt Carter and Josh Wredberg write in Exalting Jesus in John, “without the Spirit’s help you can…

  • love people who are like you.
  • give an hour and a half a week to sit in a service.
  • attend a Sunday seminar or community group.
  • put money in the offering.
  • talk about the gospel.”

But they continue. “Know what you can’t do without the Spirit’s help? You can’t…

  • love someone who is antagonistic to you and your family.
  • be on call 24-7 for a person in need.
  • meet weekly with a brother or sister to bear each other’s burdens.
  • give your hard-earned money when little is left.
  • plead with your unbelieving friends and neighbors to repent and believe.
  • move your family around the world for the sake of the gospel.”

But with the Holy Spirit’s power you can. But only with his power. Which is why we need his power.

Today, ask God the Holy Spirit to fill you; to control you. Seek to keep in step with Spirit; to walk according to the Spirit. There’s no way you can do anything without him. But with him, you can do everything he asks of you.

Pastor Todd