Family Devotional Guide – February 28
Becky Doubleday   -  

If you want to have fun with today’s discussion, get out a flashlight and read it in the dark by flashlight.  When is the last time you sang “This Little Light of Mine”? One of the verses says “Hide it under a bushel. NO! I’m gonna let it shine.” If you have younger children, take some time and sing the song together. Even if you don’t, I’m guessing you might be humming it now.

Take a few minutes and read Matthew 5:14-16 and discuss these questions: 

  1. What are good works?
  2. When people see your good works, what should the result be?
  3. When is a time someone surprised you and did a “good work” for you? How did it make you feel?

Now it’s time to take action! 

  1. As a family, share ideas for a way you can surprise someone with a “good work” this week. Then, make a plan and do it!
  2. Write “Live out what God’s Word says!” on a notecard and put it somewhere in your house or car that you will see every day as a reminder.

This Week’s Sermon-Based Recommended Readings

Monday- James 2:1-7

Tuesday- James 2:8-11

Wednesday- James 2:12-14

Thursday- James 2:15-19

Friday- James 2:20-26

Saturday- Make-Up Reading Day