Multiplication Pipeline

September 13-May 23, 2020-21

What is the Multiplication Pipeline?

The Multiplication Pipeline is an online learning tool for developing missional leaders, future church planters, and church planting team members. Individuals receive training in more than 20 areas of missional leadership through self-study, reflection, and coaching. The Multiplication Pipeline will be experienced at FFC via cohorts of 3-4 people who are joining together with a coach.

Content Overview

Multiplication Pipeline training is comprised of 3 levels for progressive and flexible development:

  • Level One (L1): Equips individuals to live on-mission by strengthening spiritual formation and biblical knowledge.
  • Level Two (L2): Prepares individuals for missional leadership and disciple-making while exploring a call to further mission involvement.
  • Level Three (L3): Explores models and methods of church planting and prepares individuals for their next steps as a church planter or a church planting team member.
Multiplication Pipeline Format
  • Designed to fit a September to May school calendar, but flexible enough to implement on any schedule.
  • Easily accessible via web-based platform compatible with mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Requires learners invest approximately 2-3 hours per week.
  • Coaches play a significant role in the growth experience and will meet with participants at least twice a month in a cohort of other pipeliners.
  • Online content is suitable for men and women and can be tailored to meet specific developmental needs.
  • Each lesson follows a learn, integrate, and demonstrate design.
Multiplication Pipeline is NOT
  • A Bible Study: While content is highly integrated with Scripture, the Multiplication Pipeline training is designed to help learners grow as disciple-makers and missional leaders.
  • Theological Training: While the material touches on basic theology, it is not designed to dive deeply into theological matters.
  • Ministry-Specific Training: Pipeline training develops leaders with missional mindsets and habits that help any ministry area. However, it is not intended to replace training for specific ministry roles (i.e. Small Group leaders, children’s workers, youth leaders, etc.).
Next Step
  • Your next step is to let pastor Todd know of your interest at [email protected]
  • Once you contact him, he’ll invite you into the training platform.
  • You’ll get access to the Multiplication Pipeline.
  • Your coach (Todd or Travis) will then inform you of your cohort’s start date.
  • Access is free thanks to our participation in the Cooperative Program.