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Upcoming Sermon Series: Born This Day

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It’s more than just a day, and surely more than a holiday. But why? What sets Christmas day apart? The beauty of Christmas day lies not in what we do or how we do it, not in what we give or how we give it. In fact, it’s uniqueness does not rest in anything related to us. Christmas day is precisely Christ’s day, the day we celebrate who was "born to us in the city of David.” And who was born that day? No doubt a baby. For sure a Savior. Thankfully the long waited one, the promised Christ. Jesus. The Lord.

Join us throughout December as we study Luke chapter 2 in a series called "Born This Day."

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Christmas Time at the Family Center

Christmas is almost here! If you would like to help the Friendship Center, here are some options.

The children and youth that come to the after school programs are “adopted out” and fill out a wish list. These children and youth will also invite the family members living in their house to come to a Christmas Brunch. Those children and youth who come to the brunch and have not already been “adopted out” will receive a Walmart gift card.


If you want to help us this year you will have two options: 

(1)  adopt a child by calling us at 244-1701 for a specific child/children for their exact wish list or email us at or   


(2)  buy a Walmart $25.00 gift card for  the Christmas Brunch on Dec. 10th. 

The deadline for all gifts is December 5th!

We need around 40 gift cards and 60 children and youth to be sponsored!

If you choose to buy for a specific child we ask that you get what is on the list spending approximately $75 per child. They will choose items from the following three categories: 2 items of clothing, shoes and something fun. We will send you their “wish” list with their sizes listed.

*Please wrap all items.

*Place wrapped items in a gift bag. 

*Place the child’s name on the bag. 

*Include a detailed list of each item purchased. 

In many cases, this is the only Christmas present these children will receive. 

Each year we hope to build on positive Christmas traditions and memories - these gifts help us do that. Thanks for your help in this very important and tangible way to show God’s love.

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Night of Preaching

Coming up December 7th at 6pm, in Room 202 of the Student Center, we’ll be hosting another Night of Preaching! This year, we will hear from the two men currently enrolled in E3—Bill Pitts and Mark Schultz. We encourage you to come support these two in their continuing development!

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Election Night Taco Fundraiser

Carlos’s famous tacos are back yet again! On election night, November 8th, from 6–8pm, Carlos will be hosting a fundraiser to support a work trip early next year which will begin construction on a classroom for a Bible institute in Honduras. Don’t miss it! 

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Help with Des Moines Refugee Needs

We are collecting any winter clothing, including coats, hats, and gloves in good condition to aid the refugees here in Des Moines. Other need items are macaroni & cheese and feminine hygiene products. We are also trying to collect brand new Lego sets for a Christmas program for the kids; for most it is their only gift! You can drop off donations in the grey tub in the Cafe, and contact the Mailes at  if you have any questions. 

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Upcoming Sermon Series: Church 101

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In three powerfully pointed chapters, Paul provided for Titus the basic how-to manual for the church at Crete. It’s relevant and authoritative for us today as well, describing and prescribing God’s instructions for his Son’s body, the church. Join us this November for Church 101—and watch yourself grow in your commitment to live a fully faithful life as a member in God’s family.

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