At our 2020 Marriage Retreat, you’ll have the chance to get away with your spouse, hear Biblical teaching to grow in your marriage, and have an awesome time with other FFC couples. Find out more about the retreat below:


Mike and Lee Ann Hartwig

Mike and Lee Ann Hartwig have worked with marriages for over 25 years. As the leader of Marriage Matters® they have trained hundreds of couples to help struggling couples put into practice principles of a strong marriage. “The Power of Intimacy” will teach many of those same principles.

Mike is currently a Financial Coach helping couples figure out how protect, grow and preserve their resources for future generations. Did you know the number one reason why couples fight is over money? “If you can figure out how to handle your money as a couple then you are well on your way to having a strong marriage,” says Hartwig.

Lee Ann has taught kindergarteners for the last 25 years for Des Moines Public Schools. She helps wives understand what it takes to have a healthy, happy marriage.

“The Power of Intimacy” is not your typical “psycho-babble” workshop. “This will be a practical, sensical, funny and engaging, Biblical event where you will learn a lot about yourself and about your mate,” says Hartwig. “We will cover topics like ‘As a husband/wife, what am I supposed to do?’ and ‘How to honor God through the physical side of marriage,” and “How to turn an argument into a meaningful, productive conversation.’”

Mike and Lee Ann were awarded the “Iowa Parents of the Year” over the objections of their three grown kids. They have six grandkids and two they hope will be adopted by the end of the end of the year. Mike and Lee Ann have been happily married 38 years.

About the Retreat


Leading worship for our Marriage Retreat are Caleb and Heather Schnathorst! Caleb and Heather have been serving together in worship for many years, and they love being able to serve the Lord and the church through music. "We are excited to worship and get to know all the couples this year at the marriage retreat. This is going to be such a good time of refreshment for all of us and we hope you will join us. We know how Sundays can be with kids and busy serving schedules so this will be a great opportunity to worship the Lord in song, prayer and the Word as Husband and Wife uninterrupted! We hope to worship alongside you as we lift high the name of Jesus!"


Our emcees for the retreat are Brian and Mandee Mostrom. They'll be keeping our sessions running smoothly, making sure you know everything you need to about the retreat, and ensuring we all have a great time together!


The retreat will take place at Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines. You'll have a large, beautiful room to stay in, and our main sessions will take place in one of their multipurpose rooms in the building.