FFC Library

How to Search the First Family Church Library Catalog

If you’re interested in finding an item in the catalog, click here, enter the author, title, subject, or any keywords in the search box and then click on Go.

For example, if you’re interested in finding an item on the importance of the cross for ministry, I can enter a few important keywords in the search box and click Go:


Sometimes you’ll will get a long list of results, other times a brief list, and other times none. You may have to refine my search and try again. This particular search resulted in four items. You’ll need to¬†highlight or screen capture the entire item(s) from the title through the location, and paste it in an email to Jenny Nelson.


If you want to limit the search to a particular location (e.g., Child Fiction) and/or type of material, you can click on the Advanced search link near the top left of the initial search screen.

You’ll then be able to pick up your item at the church on that given Sunday.