FFC Kids Regathering

FFC Kids Sunday Programming


We understand that we can’t socially distance children. We can, however, have guidelines in place to provide a safe and healthy environment. We realize each family will have to make a decision for their family, and that may change from week to week. Some families will be ready to return with our guidelines, and others may prefer to stay home longer. Both are okay, and we respect and honor each family’s decision.

Here’s what we can do to provide a safe and healthy environment:

– We will remind volunteers and families of our illness policy that will be strictly enforced.

– We will ask that if anyone has Covid symptoms, has had direct exposure, or is awaiting test results, they don’t attend or serve. Please err on the side of caution at this time out of love and care for children, leaders, and families.

– We will ask that all children and volunteers wash their hands before going to their classroom. Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms, and we ask that it is used as needed. We will continue to remind and encourage good hygiene practices.

– We will be cleaning in between services. In our younger classrooms, toys that can’t be easily wiped down will be traded out between services.

– We will require registration and limit the number of children in a classroom. Registration allows name and pick-up tags to be pre-printed to reduce touch surfaces with our kiosks. Any visitors or unregistered families will go to a manned check-in station for further directions. Registrations will be honored until 5 minutes after the start of service. Then the spot will be given to any unregistered children.

– We will be leaving all doors open for better air flow and less contact of door handles. Gates will be placed in classroom doorways of the younger classrooms.

– We will be serving pre-packaged snacks. Leaders will wash hands or use sanitizer before snack time.

– We will ask that children not be dropped off until 10 minutes before service time. We need this time for transitions and cleaning.



Why are we required to register? We are asking families to register so we can maintain ratios in each room, have name tags and pick-up tags pre-printed so kiosks aren’t being used right away, and so we are adequately staffed.

What if the registration is full? You can choose a different service time if there are openings. Otherwise, we are holding spots until 5 minutes after service starts. If someone isn’t able to make it to service and there is a spot, we will fill them on a first come, first served basis. If there isn’t a spot, all children are welcome in the Worship Center or the Youth Room for service. We’d love to have your family stay for a service!

Will children or leaders be required to wear masks and have temperatures taken? No, we are not requiring masks or taking temperatures. If someone feels more comfortable with a mask, they are welcome to wear one. We are enforcing our illness policy and asking leaders and families to err on the side of caution right now. Thank you for helping us with this.

Why do we need to take kids to the bathroom before drop-off? For children that are potty trained, a bathroom stop before drop-off will hopefully eliminate the need for bathroom trips during service. It’s a great habit to start and an opportunity to wash hands before entering a classroom.

What can we bring with us? You can bring diaper bags like you always have. If you have a sippy cup, bottle, or pacifer please have it clearly marked with your child’s name. If a blanket or other item will help your child transition better to the classroom, you may bring it. However, please mark it and know that we can’t guarantee another child won’t touch it or play with it during class. Please leave small toys at home or in the bag.

Will we be practicing social distancing? As you know, it is very difficult to social distance children. We know that leaders may need to hold and comfort children or take their hand while walking in the hallway. We also know that children enjoy playing together and occasionally sharing toys. Although we can’t social distance, we are taking other precautions including limiting numbers, spacing out chairs, and doing additional cleaning.

What if my child struggles at drop-off or after I leave? We recognize that some children may have separation issues after being home with family for months. Our leaders are ready to help! Please communicate if you want them to take your child from you, and if you prefer to be contacted or not if they have trouble calming down. It will help to talk about returning to church during the week and what the routine will be. Don’t give up if it’s hard the first couple weeks. Continue to be consistent and be excited when you talk about going to church.

Will snacks be served? Yes, individually packaged snacks will be served. Leaders will be washing or sanitizing their hands before serving. Children will also be spread out the best we can at tables.

How are toys and rooms being cleaned? We are using the cleaner that is being used churchwide. It is safe for use around children. Surfaces and large toys will be wiped down between services and smaller toys will be changed out between services.

Since we have done classroom promotion, how do I know what room to sign my child up for? At this time, our birth-2 year olds are together in early childhood and our preschool and kindergarten are together. Here is our regular breakdown of classes: Infants (0-1), Walkers (1 year), Toddlers (2 years), Preschool A (3 years), Preschool B (4 years), Preschool C (5 years). The children entering kindergarten in the fall will remain with Preschool at this time.  Children will be promoted to the next class the Sunday after their birthday.

We have family or friends visiting one weekend. Can we sign up their children? Yes! If you have family or friends attending church with you, please register their children along with your children.

Do we have to sign up each week or just once? We need you to sign up on a weekly basis for Sunday mornings at this time. Sign ups will be available Sundays at 8am for the following Sunday and will close at midnight on the Thursday before.

What if I register, but then realize our family won’t be able to attend that weekend? Please contact Becky Doubleday or Heidi Hight so we can remove you from the list and another family can sign up.

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