Step 3 on the Discipleship Pathway


Beyond Small Groups, other equipping classes and ministries exist at FFC to continue to foster discipleship. Read below to see specific ministries we have that are geared toward men, women, and general equipping.


It is our desire the FFC be filled with men who are constantly growing in their love and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We want our church filled with men who lead their families, love their wives, are live for the glory of God. With that goal in mind, we will constantly be offering men opportunities to grow in their knowledge of God (Theology) and love of God (Doxology).


We believe that we are called as women to follow the principles set forth in Titus 2:3–5:

  1. To train and teach women in the truth’s of God’s word.
  2. To come alongside and encourage women in their daily lives and their God-ordained roles.
  3. To minister to the needs of others and cultivate a growing love for God.

We want a culture that encourages women to live reverently, to grow and be challenged, and to support one another through prayer and service.

Discipleship groups and Bible studies for women are a regular item at FFC. Led by a team of women who meet regularly to brainstorm ideas and schedule women’s events, the women’s ministry seeks to reach out to ladies and help them feel fulfilled, equipped and complete in a world where outer flash and physical beauty is overemphasized.

Equipping Classes

Wednesdays | 6–7:30pm
Room 204
Leaders: Paul & Cindy Johnston

The Prayer Team meets every Wednesday from 6–7:30 pm. Feel free to join for 10 minutes or the entire time; you are free to come and go. If you have any prayer requests/praises or thanksgivings, you can share them via a Connect Card in the auditorium chairs, our app, or by sending an email to [email protected].


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