Deployment Week

April 25 - May 2

Ankeny, IA, USA

The Goal: To get the people of FFC into our community during this week of April 25–May 2 in order show and share the love of Christ with our neighbors. We’re asking every Small Group to find a way to love our community and point them towards Jesus in word and deed.

The How: To help you accomplish this, the elders are giving you some ideas, as well as giving each Small Group $100 seed money to help you accomplish this task.

Some Ideas:

  • House Repair work (Paint, repair, etc.)
  • Yard Work
  • Car repair
  • Community Clean Up (Contact Ankeny Parks and Rec)
  • Homeless Supply Kits
  • Neighborhood Cookout/hangout/game night
  • Invite an unsaved person/couple to join your Small Group for an event
  • Volunteer somewhere that will give you facetime with unbelievers
  • Buy copies of “How Good is Good Enough” and pass them out to friends and neighbors
  • Deliver essentials to your neighbors such as 9 volt batteries, light bulbs, etc.
  • Free Car Wash/ Free Oil Changes
  • Host a “Passion of the Christ” watch party


  1. Small Groups are required to register to let us know what they will be doing. Groups must register by April 21st.
  2. Then, we’re asking each Small Group to share your story after the event is over. We will send you a simple 3-5 question survey following your event, asking for details of how your event went.
  3. Make every effort to plan your participation the week of April 25th–May 2nd.


  1. What if I’m not in a Small Group? Join one and get involved.
  2. Can my family or friend group participate if we aren’t an official Small Group of FFC? Yes, but you still must follow the requirements above.
  3. Do we need to keep receipts of how we spent the money? No, as long as you let us know how you will be spending the money, we’ll trust you to spend the money appropriately.
  4. Must we verbally share the gospel? That is the goal. How it is done is up to you. We want this to be done with the goal of pointing people towards Christ, not nice people.
  5. Can we just give the money away? No, the goal is to get the people of God to minister to the people of Ankeny (or your community). We want to deploy you, not deploy money.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Travis. Click the link below to register!