Easter at FFC

Thousand of years looked forward to it. Thousands of years have looked back at it. Both hinge on it. It’s the Passion Week of Christ, the eight days that changed history. Discover both the chronology and theology of his final hours, and rejoice in all that has been forever accomplished historically and spiritually. Join us April 2–9 as we remember the Passion Week of Christ! Click here to view our Easter resources and learn more about each event below:

The last days of Jesus’ life began on what we know as Palm Sunday. We’ll start our journey through those days by remembering his triumphal entry as seen in Matthew 21, the event that launched those eight days.

Ankeny Campus: 8:30/10:30am
Carlisle Campus: 10am

Designed to remember the last night Christ was with his disciples, FFC’s Maundy Thursday Service will be rooted in Matthew 26 and will center around communion and prayer, two of the things that occurred on day five of Christ’s final week.

Ankeny Campus: 6pm

On Good Friday, we’ll immerse ourselves into the final hours of Christ’s life as described in Matthew 27, seeing what occurred both historically and theologically. Physically and spiritually. Humanly and divinely. Our Good Friday services will help you experience perspectives from Barabbas to the Centurion, and the identity of Jesus will be clearer than ever.

Ankeny Campus: 4:30/6pm

At the culmination of Passion Week on Easter Sunday, we’ll rejoice in both the event and expectation of the resurrection narrative of Matthew 28 by gathering with FFC to worship the risen King. We’re also baptizing on Easter Sunday! If you’re a believer interested in taking this next step in your walk with Christ, make sure you sign up for Baptism Class on March 26.

Ankeny Campus: 8/9:30/11am
Carlisle Campus: 10am

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