Community Outreach Week

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A global heart always begins with a local hand.

That’s precisely why we’re complementing GO Week, our annual focus on the nations, with CO Week — eight days of intentional attention to the fields right around us. Over the course of two Sundays, as well as the days in between, we will open up Acts 1–2 and see how both the Ascension and Pentecost were the theological and geographical triggers that sparked the New Covenant mission of God through His church. Our aim is to provide tools for awareness and avenues for impact so that every FFCer will live a John 4:35 life, lifting up our eyes to “look at the fields because they are ready for harvest.”

Make May 12–19 a priority when it comes to your participation in and prayer for evangelism in our community, and join us in continuing to ask God to increase our fervency for the people closest to us who are far from Him.