Philippians 1:3–11 (Pt. 2) | Resources

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Discussion Questions

As you read verses 9-11, who comes to mind? Who in your life do you have this type of love and care for?

In verse 9, Paul connects love with knowledge and discernment. Why is it helpful to keep these three words connected?

What is the danger of disconnecting love from knowledge and discernment? How have you seen this play out in our culture?

What does it look like to “approve the things that are superior?” What might Paul have in mind here?

The fruit of righteousness only comes through Jesus Christ. What does this profound truth teach us about righteousness and holiness? What do we sometimes falsely think righteousness comes through?

In light of our text/sermon, what would it look like to obey?

Memory Verse

“And I pray this: that your love will keep on growing in knowledge and every kind of discernment.” Philippians 1:9“And I pray this: that your love will keep on growing in knowledge and every kind of discernment.” Philippians 1:9 CSB


I was attempting to clean out the garage when I happened on a pristine pantry door. Several years ago I picked it up at garage sale. The couple having the garage sale had finished their house fully intending to put this oak door in their new pantry. “Their lack of planning was my gain,” I thought as I picked up the bargain, intending to put it our new pantry in the house we were building. We built the pantry, but the door just didn’t fit. Now, this well crafted door just stands in the corner waiting to be used, or discarded.

Every time I walk by that door, I’m tempted to whisper words of encouragement to hang in there. There will be a day when it will be installed in a new or renovated home. It will fulfill its maker’s purpose of guarding the riches of someone’s pantry. I imagine that every time we clean out the garage that it shudders with the possibility that it might be hauled out to the dump, never realizing its created purpose.

I have a sense that was the concern of the people in Phillipi as Paul encourages them to remain faithful. Apparently, they were feeling like they were just set off to the side and life was passing them by. They felt that God wasn’t doing anything with them. They were feeling like they weren’t being used for the purpose they were created. Paul reminded them of something of which he was confident, that the God that “began a good work in them would complete it.”

There are times in our lives when we feel like we have been forgotten. We feel like we have much to offer and yet our giftedness is not being used or recognized. God says, “Relax. Trust me. I’m not finished with you yet. I started a good work in you, and I intend to finish it.”

Father, thank you for reminding us that you started a good work in us. Thank you for reminding us that you intend to finish that work. Help us to rest in your plan. Help us to do what’s in front of us as we seek to bring glory and honor to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.