Trusting Even When Tested

Todd Stiles   -  

Why Peter and not James?

That was the question that raced to the forefront of my mind when I finished reading the first 11 verses of Acts 12. In that passage, two opposite things occurred: James was arrested and executed by Herod, but Peter was arrested and freed by an angel.

See what I mean? I bet you’re wondering the same thing—Why Peter and not James?

Let’s be quick to admit we don’t know. Scriptures don’t give us the answer. What the Bible does show us implicitly is that those early believers in Jerusalem were not deterred from trusting even when they were tested. How do we know? They gathered to pray at Mary’s house when they got the news of Peter’s arrest. In the middle of unexpected crises and unanswered questions, the church of the first century stayed on their knees to God instead of turning their backs on God.

More than likely, you have an “Acts 12” scenario in your life.

– Why did I get cancer, but not him?

– Why did she keep her job, but not me?

– Why is my child terminally ill, but not theirs?

–Why are my parents suffering in the older years, but not his?

– Why did my pregnancy end in a miscarriage, but not my friend’s?

Life’s journey is dotted with moments when we have questions with no answers; when we realize we’re going through a trial. In those moments of testing, will your response indicate your continued trust in God? This is exactly what prayer does—reveals our continued dependence upon the Lord.

No wonder prayer is our first and best action. Nothing showcases our continued trust in Christ, even when we’re tested, like a bent knee and cry for help.

Today, if things go like you hope, pray. If they don’t, pray. If you have a James-like tragedy, pray. If you have a Peter-like victory, pray. Whatever occurs, pray without ceasing to ensure you trust when tested.

Pastor Todd