New Service Times Beginning February 6

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To help alleviate a pinch point in our parking lot between ser vices, we’re expanding our seating in the Worship Center and moving to two larger services at 8:30am and 10:30am. Mark your calendars and join us at the new times! Here are a few other things that will be a little different:

  1. Communion – If you were a part of FFC pre-Covid, this change will be familiar, but if you joined us after Covid, this will be new. We want to utilize the extra flexibility in our service length to provide more time for contemplation and reflection during communion. How that will look is this: when the time for communion comes, you can go to various tables around the Worship Center to pick up the elements. There will be two types of elements for you to choose from: the pre-sealed packs we’ve been using the last couple years, as well as a new stacked option where the bottom cup will hold the cracker, and the cup stacked on top will hold the juice. I trust this extra time to reflect on the cross will be beneficial for us all!
  2. Larger Services – As you can imagine, going from three services to two will mean that both services will be have more people in them. As the services begin to fill up, our ushers will be there to help you find a seat as quickly as possible and hopefully reduce any congestion.
  3. Expanded Coffee Area – Similar to “college coffee” a couple months ago, there will be a special expanded café area between the Worship Center and Student Center entrances. They’ll be serving special drinks as well as providing extra seating areas to linger and continue to build community with others.
  4. Parking Team – The Parking Team will begin operating on February 6 to help facilitate efficient parking before both services. More details to come on this next week, but be aware that there will be volunteers in the lots assisting you beginning that Sunday.