The Great Surprise Easter Event

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We are excited to do something different this year at Easter to interact with our community. We are going to be sharing the great surprise of Easter! Families will have the opportunity to move around to 5 different interactive stations. Each one will relate the surprise that occurs at the station to the surprise of the resurrection. We will also have lunch for families.
1. Fantastic Floatation 
2. Confounding Creation
3. Marvelous Mirascope
4. Extraordinary Energy
5. Amazing Animation

We would love for lighthouses and families to get involved! There are a few different ways you can get involved. We would love for your lighthouse/family to run one of the stations. We have split them into 1 hour time slots so you could either do the entire 2 hours or split it with another lighthouse group. We can also use help with set-up and tear down.  
You can sign up to help below, or contact Becky Doubleday for more details or to sign up.