Mission and Values

FFC Leadership   -  
Our Mission

To develop devoted followers of Jesus Christ who celebrate, grow, and serve for the glory of God.

Our Values

We value God. God is the beginning and end of everything, and his aim in all things is to maximize his own glory. God is not a tool to leverage or a product to sell. He is treasure to worship, and the essence of who he is satisfies every craving of our hearts and lives.

We value God’s image-stamped creation, people. All people matter to God, and he invites everyone to become part of his family through repentance from sin and faith in his Son.

We value God’s called-out family, the church. The church is more than a nice idea; it is a necessary ingredient for spiritual growth and community. Its members and leaders commit their time, service, finances, and prayers to work together to guard, teach and practice the sound doctrine once for all given to the saints. Pursuing a fully-functioning, biblical community means we care more about being doctrinally sound than culturally relevant.

We value God’s disciple-making mandate, the Great Commission. Intentional and proactive outreach means utilizing every available means to spread the gospel both near and far. Multiplication, both individually and organizationally, is a natural overflow of a healthy church. 

We value God’s biblically-qualified leaders, the church’s equippers. Men and women who equip, mobilize, and release others to serve the church are a gift to the church. Nurturing and growing a solid staff team, as well as other leadership teams, is a priority.

We value God’s Spirit-empowered enablements, spiritual gifts.  One way God’s active and manifest presence is seen is through spiritual gifts, all of which are good and profitable. Each is distributed as God see fit and are designed to move the church towards maturity in Christ.

We value God’s divinely-designed environment, the home. Biblical homes and strong united families are the bedrock of a church and culture, and following God’s complementarian structure is the way of wisdom for parents and children.

We value God’s counter-intuitive maturing process, suffering. Life as a disciple of Jesus is a marathon, not a sprint, and that marathon includes seasons of suffering. While the degree of suffering is variable, the fact of it isn’t; it is necessary for spiritual completion. We embrace this perspective, heed the call for endurance, and run this race with perseverance.