Panorama of Preaching

    12.01.15 | Beliefs by Todd Stiles

    FFC believes in and holds to the philosophy of text-driven preaching, more commonly referred to as expository preaching. That is our gold-medal standard when it comes to biblical communication from the pulpit. We believe that since the Word reveals Christ, and Christ is the revelation of the Father, our aim must be to teach the Word. That’s when and how people see the light of God (2 Cor. 4:1-6). 

    Consequently, since we began in 2004, we have been on a tour of the Bible–a multi-year exploration of God’s divine revelation, the Scriptures. Essentially, we are taking an in-depth look in at least one book from every section of Scripture, which enables us to get a good look inside the Godhead during various points in time and in different historical settings. In doing so we will better understand God’s timeless character as well as his timely actions- how he operates and why!

    But why? It’s simple–so that we can imitate him in our own attitudes and actions! Getting to know God, then living out what he does within us, is the ultimate goal of our teaching. We aren’t just learning about the Bible; we’re seeking to understand God so that we can better relate his love and redemptive plan to others. As Paul said, we want Scripture to “equip us for every good work.”

    So far, we have 

    • explored God’s future plans in our series “Ready or Not, Here He Comes” (Revelation-New Testament Prophecy)

    • discovered what it means to live a lifestyle of praise in our series “Worship 101” (Psalms-Old Testament Wisdom/Poetry)

    • experienced God’s deep love and care for his church and our subsequent responsibility in our series “His Beautiful Bride” (Ephesians-Prison Epistles)

    • encountered Christ on-mission in our series “Mission: Possible” (Luke-Gospels)

    • charted God’s process of developing faithfulness in our character in our series “Trusted: Lessons from the Life of Joseph” (Genesis-Old Testament Law)

    • understood the full ramifications of the ‘one-and-only’ Gospel in an ‘everything-goes’ society through our series “The Good Ole’ Gospel Ship” (Galatians-Epistles)

    • journeyed towards a deeper understanding of victory in our series “Joshua: Claiming Your Promised Land.” (Joshua-Old Testament History)

    • appreciated the best kinds of gifts- the ones money can’t buy- in our Christmas series “The Small Gifts of Christmas” (Micah-Minar Prophets)

    • gazed at the greatness of God’s nature till it humbled and changed us in our series “Captured By His Character” (Isaiah-Major Prophets)

    • examined the parameters and expectations of a truly biblical worship gathering in our series “Why We Worship the Way We Do” (1 Corinthians-Epistles)

    • grasped the scriptural components of a biblically functioning community in our series “Got Church?” (1 Timothy-Pastoral Epistles) 

    • learned the value of obeying the first time in our series, “Nowhere to Hide: When God Exposes our Excuses” (Jonah-Minar Prophet)

    • comprehended the full impact of a winning “home” team in our series “Home Run: Rounding the Bases of Your Most Important Relationships” (Psalm 128-0id Testament Wisdom/Poetry)

    • unlocked the art and skill of living wisely in our series “Proverbs: Life-Changing Lessons for the Life-Long Learner” (Proverbs-Old Testament Wisdom/Poetry)

    • refined our spiritual senses in our series “Reboot Now: Critical Updates for the Last Days” (2 Peter-General Epistles).

    • marveled at the unexplainable work of God in salvation in our series “Different, Not Just Better” (Romans-General Epistles)

    • camped out in the bloody book of Leviticus and saw Jesus gloriously prophesied as our once-forall sacrifice in our series “Offering: Giving and Living for the Glory of God” (O.T. Law).

    • walked through God’s Hall of Faith for an a close-up look at some of God’s choicest servants in “By Faith: The Heroes of Hebrews 11.” (Hebrews-New Testament General Epistles)

    • delved deeper into the concept of worship in a 3-week series, “This is Worship” rooted in Psalm 95 (Psalms-Old Testament Poetry)

    • evaluated ourselves by God’s standard of conversion, checking to see if we are really in the faith, in our series “This is Salvation” (1 John-General Epistles)

    Up next? Well, sometime in 2012, we’ll actually accomplish our first goal in this Panorama Preaching Plan when we trace the lasting legacy of of the 1st-Century church in our series “Unhindered: God’s Church Then and Now” (Acts-New Testament History). How exciting it will be to actually wrap up those 28 chapters with the understanding that we are living in the 29th, still unhindered in the work of Jesus by the power of the Spirit for the glory of the Father.

    Still, even after studying at least one book from every section of the Bible, we would have only scratched the surface! A proverbial goldmine of spiritual wealth and wisdom awaits us in the years to come as we wade deeply into each cavern and crevice of God’s Word, searching out the rich truths he uses to help us become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It is our sincere desire, generation after generation, to “receive with meekness the en grafted Word, which is able to save your souls.”

    While receiving the Word is an integral part of the life-change equation, responding to it is also critical. Which is why, at Fist Family, our response avenues are purposeful and personal. In other words, they are designed with the long-term in view and deployed with individual responsibility in mind. Guilt-driven pressure, flesh-based appeals, or half-true offers don’t represent the biblical invitation Christ modeled when he called for people to respond to his message. Instead, he called for careful deliberation, personal examination, and sacrificial participation. We seek to employ these same values in our response avenues as well so that the fruit born from an encounter with God’s Word is “fruit that
    remains” (John 15:16).

    It is the deep prayer of the leadership of First Family Church that the Father, Son, and Spirit will arrest your attention and bring incredible transformation to your life because “when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God, which is at work in you believers” (1 Thess. 2:13).

    Thanks for joining us on the journey!