The Church: Unstoppable!
Todd Stiles   -  

As part of Christ’s church, you are part of something unstoppable.

Jesus promised nothing short of this when he said “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).

Sometimes, however, what we know in our head doesn’t work its way down to the feelings in our heart. We look around and see increased global persecution, nationwide apathy, and cultural antagonism, and we begin to wonder, “Will the church survive? Will God’s kingdom last”

By all means ‘Yes!’ This is the precise point of many of Jesus’ parables (Matthew 13), where the metaphors for his kingdom usually start small, but eventually grow and flourish, even in the middle of difficult circumstances and against the odds.

It’s also the meaning behind many of the visions in Revelation, especially chapter 12, where in spite of relentless attacks, God’s Son and people are protected and preserved, even in death.

With certainty, the Scriptures boldly assert that Christ’s kingdom, as well as his church, will stand the test of time, and nothing can sabotage her ultimate victory. So most assuredly you are part of something unstoppable.

Alistair Begg wrote so poignantly about this in a recent article, encouraging us by stating, “God’s kingdom is unsmashable, and it has an embassy in your neighborhood that we call the church. Don’t be discouraged as you meet…Instead, commit to it. Serve your church family. Give yourself to it. Because when the Lord builds his church (either in number or in maturity) through our labors, gifts, and giving, we are being used to build the only kingdom that will last forever. There is nothing coming next. So, give your best to this kingdom. It may feel small, but it is never in vain, for this kingdom is eternal, and it is God’s. So we do not panic and we do not vent, and we enjoy a deep confidence even as the tides seem to run against our faith. God is God, he is in control, and his kingdom—his church—ultimately knows no rivals.”

May God increase our perspective and endurance as he builds his church and consummates his kingdom.

Pastor Todd