Family Devotional Guide – March 28
Becky Doubleday   -  

Remember the old Disney movie Aladdin? In a scene in that movie, Aladdin is granted three wishes from a genie in a lamp. If you were granted 3 wishes today, what would you ask for? Would you ask for things you want or things you need, or a combination of the two?

Take a moment and answer these questions. What is your greatest need? If someone came into your life who told you they could meet your greatest need, what would you think they would do for you?

Before we move on, take a moment and read Mark 11:1-11.
This portion of scripture, known commonly as the Triumphal Entry, has confused me for some time. I’ve struggled to know whether or not to praise the people in this text for their love and respect for Jesus or scold them for their self-centeredness. They seem to respect Jesus, but I’m not sure their motives were pure.

The phrase they chant as Jesus rides down the road is “Hosanna.”Hosanna means save us now. This is a profound and accurate phrase to chant to Jesus as he rides toward his death on a cross for their sins. But, if you look at the story carefully, I’m not sure that is why they are chanting that. Instead, it seems that they chant this to encourage him to save them from the Roman government instead of from their sins. Would you agree?

As a family, couple, or as friends, I would love for you to discuss the following questions.

 Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Who was Jesus?
  2. Why did He come to earth as a baby?
  3. Why did He die?
  4. What did His death accomplish?
  5. Why do we worship Him?

This Week’s Sermon-Based Recommended Readings

Monday- Matthew 21:1-5

Tuesday- Matthew 21:6-11

Wednesday- Matthew 21:12-13

Thursday- Matthew 21:14-17

Friday- Attend or Watch FFC’s Good Friday Service

Saturday- Make-Up Reading Day