Family Devotional Guide – March 14
Becky Doubleday   -  

Everyone has people that they don’t get along with. People they think they have nothing in common with, people they believe they will never be friends with. Do you have someone like that in your life? What do you think it would take to make that enemy a friend? Do you think that is even possible?

One beautiful result of the gospel is that it takes strangers and makes them family. It makes people with almost nothing in common and makes them brothers and sisters who now have lots in common. It even can take enemies and make them friends.
Do you believe this?

Our text from Sunday’s sermon addresses this very topic. It was a reminder to the Church that there is no longer anything that divides followers of Christ. It’s a call to let go of whatever formally separated followers of Christ. Those things no longer matter; they no longer exist. The former dividing lines are gone. This is surprising news that is almost too good to believe.

Do you honestly believe this? Consider this example.

Imagine that your arch-nemesis, the person you hate the most in this world, showed up to your church or youth group. Imagine that they started attending your Small Group, they come to your winter retreat, start hanging out with your Church friends, or even get baptized at your church. Can you imagine that? How do you respond?

As a family, couple, or as friends, I would love for you to discuss this scenario. How would you honestly respond, excited or frustrated?

This Week’s Sermon-Based Recommended Readings

Monday- Acts 2:1-13

Tuesday- Acts 2:14-21

Wednesday- Acts 2:22-28

Thursday- Acts 2:29-41

Friday- Acts 2:42-47

Saturday- Make-Up Reading Day