Short Term Trips

FFC’s 2019 short-term GO trips are designed to help our people either 1) experience a mission field or 2) explore and learn more about missions. Both help us understand God’s heart for the nations.

While all our trips have a required application, the nature of certain trips, namely CAN trips, means that, even if you apply, these are by ‘invite only.’ If you think you, or someone you know, would make a great candidate, please pray about it, talk to that person, and then inform the coordinator of that trip. Help our leaders get their radar on these goers! Remember—It is a tremendous honor to be asked to be a representative of FFC and the Lord Jesus Christ.


2019 Short-term go trips


Leader: dale sikes
Partners in view: Timur Nesbitt

Located in the heart of Central Asia, Kazakhstan is a blend of modern cities and ancient traditions. With both secular and Muslim influences, Kazakhstan provides a safe environment to visit a country with strong Muslim customs.

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june 16–24
Leader: tom urban
Partners in view: Tri-grace and ECB

This annual week-long outreach to Mormons is an excellent opportunity to experience street witnessing and one-on-one evangelism. Before you go, you'll receive solid training in gospel basics and how to share your faith.

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May 22–31
Leader: Cindy Robinson
Partners in view:Undisclosed

Turkey is one of the dominant Islamic countries in the world today. It is in a strategically significant location as a land bridge between Europe and the Middle East. It shares its border with Syria and Iraq in the south and Bulgaria in the north. As the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is trying to reassert its dominance and influence over its neighbors. This trip will take you to Istanbul (formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople), the largest city in Turkey. You will visit partners working in Turkey and visit several of the sites of the New Testament Churches like Antioch, Colossae, and Ephesus. This is a trip sponsored by our Women’s Ministry, and we are seeking women to go on this trip who are interested in ministering to missionary wives.

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september 3–11
Leader: Chris Eller
Partners in view: Haneys

Are you interested in taking your first trip to a foreign country? This trip is for you. Our partners in Stockholm minister within the arts community, so this trip is an opportunity to witness a post-Christian culture where traditional, centuries-old churches and cathedrals represent Christianity, but little in terms of Christian influence. Sweden is a safe and friendly country where English is spoken fluently by most Swedes. This trip is for those interested in participating in the music scene in Stockholm as well as non-musicians interested in learning more about missions in Europe.

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April 27 + various summer dates
Leader: eric trout
outreach trip

Come one, come all! Let’s help our current church planting resident cover every street in Adel with a personal invitation to their launch day. Teams will be canvasing the south side of Adel with fliers, prayer walking as they blanket the town with information about Restoration Church. 

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NOTE: The following trips were originally planned in 2019 but have been postponed:

SE Asia



The trip to Berlin, Germany is in July, and this trip is full.

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