missionship is a financial grant from FFC to a member of FFC to be used for the purpose of spending time on the mission field, preferably with one of FFC’s supported missionaries.

The following guidelines will help you as you consider applying for a missionship:

  1. Those desiring funds for a mission trip (i.e., missionship) should turn in an application at least one month prior to their departure date. Applications are available here.

  2. Missionships are available to individual members of First Family Church.

  3. Primary consideration will be given to individuals who are “first-timers” when it comes to mission trips.

  4. If excess money is raised, then any person receiving a missionship agrees to 1) give the extra portion of their missionship to the missionary they are visiting or 2) use the extra portion of their missionship to purchase ministry/field supplies for the missionary or mission trip.

  5. There is an expectation that persons or groups who receive a missionship will report back to the congregation either formally or informally about their mission trip experience.

  6. Any person requesting a missionship is required to be involved in at least one other support-raising initiative.

  7. Missionship amounts are based on several factors, such as need, location, and FFC’s relationship to the missionary and/or field, and can be up to $250 for an individual. All decisions about funding rest with the FFC leadership (i.e., the elders and/or GO Team).

  8. While the leadership of FFC intends to follow the above guidelines, the leadership will consider each grant request on a case by case basis, and they reserve the right to fund or not fund any missionship request.

  9. Missionships will be available for members of FFC for non-FFC sponsored trips on the same basis as FFC sponsored trips (e.g. up to $250 with GO Team/elder approval of application).  However, FFC sponsored trips will have priority for missionship monies, and FFC leadership will take this into consideration.

  10. The church will record-keep deductible contribution records only for members of FFC and only if the checks are written to FFC.  Checks written to persons or churches other than FFC will not be record-kept at FFC.

  11. FFC will reimburse organizations or persons up to the amount of contributions received by the church upon receipt by the church of the appropriate records (e.g. invoices or copies of non-refundable airline tickets).

FFC Missionship Application Form