Utah FAQ

What if I have physical limitations?
The best option is to visit with Tom Urban. While this trip is physically demanding in the sense that we travel almost 3,000 by charter bus and the days in Manti are long days, we do have opportunities for rest in the afternoon, and we can make accommodations for those who need them. 

Do I have to camp in the park?
No, we have the option of staying at the Willow Creek Inn in Ephraim, UT, about 5 miles north of Manti. The Willow Creek is a new motel with nice rooms and breakfast served in the morning. NOTE: The cost of staying at the Willow Creek Inn is in addition to the per person trip cost.

What if I have never been a part of an evangelistic team?
Each year, we have a number of people new to street evangelism. This is where the training comes in along with the opportunity to watch and observe veteran missionaries in Manti. Some veterans have been coming to Manti on an annual basis for almost 20 years. There is a great support team in place and this is a great opportunity to share your faith. Moreover, given the unique culture of Utah, you will find many LDS open to talking about their faith.

What do I need to bring with me on this trip?
We have a complete list of items you will need to bring on our “gear” page. If in doubt, ask!

I’m not sure I want to ride the bus; can I drive my own car?
We need to keep the teams together as much as possible. If there is a reason why you need to drive your own car, please see Tom Urban. We cannot pay the fuel cost for those who drive apart from the team.

Can I bring my children with me on a trip?
Children age 12-14 years can go on the trip as long as they have at least one parent on the trip with them. Teens 15-17 are encouraged to go on the trip as part of the youth group at First Family. We cannot accommodate children under 12-years.

Is there an opportunity to sightsee while on the trip?
Each afternoon there is free time between 1-4:30 p.m. You can use this time to sightsee or visit various points of interest in the Sanpete Valley. These trips will be arranged on an ad-hoc basis with the exception of the day trip to Salt Lake City during Team Alpha’s week; this will be an all-team trip.

Are we required to do fundraisers?
Each year we do one or two fundraisers to help offset the cost of the trip. In year’s past, we have served a meal after church and asked each family to contribute some food items for the meal. Any funds raised lower the overall cost of the trip, which means the cost per person is lowered.

I have already been on a trip to Utah, do I have to retake the training?
The introductory training is provided for new members to the mission trip. We bring all of the team members together for the last three sessions in order to refresh your knowledge of LDS doctrine and to help you practice your street witnessing skills.

What kind of clothing should I bring?
Manti is located at approximately 5,000 feet. The day-time temperatures are typically in the 70s and 80s, while the night-time temperatures can fall into the 50s. You will want to dress comfortably and in layers. Most wear shorts and t-shirts during the day with a sweatshirt or light jacket in the evening. Comfortable shoes are a must. If you plan on watching the pageant performance one of the nights you are in Manti, you will need warm clothing including gloves, hat, blanket, etc. It is also wise to bring rain gear of some sort. Check out the Gear page for more information.

What will we eat on the trip?
On our travel days we will typically make short stops ever 90 minutes to two hours. At lunch time we stop for no more than 30 minutes. As a result, fast food is a must. We do try to have a sit-down breakfast and dinner on our travel days. In Manti, those camping will eat breakfast in the park while those at the motel in Ephraim eat breakfast at the motel. We eat lunch together at one of the few restaurants in Manti or Ephraim, and dinner is served in the park. Following each night in the streets the entire team gathers at Miller’s Drive-in in Manti for ice cream, burgers, malts, and more! With the exception of nightly snacks at Millers, which you must pay for yourself, and lunches while traveling, all other meals are provided in the cost of the trip.