Frostbite Middle School Retreat

February 18 - 20  |  Iowa Regular Baptist Camp

Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, East Lake Street, Ventura, IA, USA

Dates: Friday, February 18 – Sunday, February 20, 2022

Location: Iowa Regular Baptist Camp

Cost: $112 per person –  Early bird deadline February 2 @ 11:59pm
$125 after February 2
(This covers food, housing, transportation, and other various unpredicted expenses)

NOTE: If any family needs help financially PLEASE just let us know! The worst thing that would happen is if someone would like to go but can’t afford it so never speaks up! This cost just helps us pay for everything that we need! But if you need help, we WILL find a way to get your child there!

Speaker: Tim Carmical

Activities: Sledding, floor hockey, 9-square, board games, etc.

Contact Youth Director Jake Walton if you have any questions.