Our Incomparable King

04.29.18 | by Chris Eller

The story we look at this week has all of the drama and intrigue of the worst case of government corruption. The center of the drama is a godly man by the name of Naboth, a vineyard owner in Jezreel. In many ways, Jezreel is the Northern...

    Bylaws Changes

    03.30.16 | Beliefs | by FFC Leadership

    Conflict of Interest Policy All trustees, officers, agents, and employees of First Family Church shall disclose all real or perceived conflicts of interest that they discover or that have been brought to their attention in connection with this...


      12.04.15 | Beliefs | by FFC Leadership

      First Family Church of Ankeny, Iowa Bylaws These bylaws shall function within the life of First Family Church of Ankeny, Iowa as rules of procedure.  Although the procedures have a biblical and theological basis, this is not a statement of...

        Panorama of Preaching

        12.01.15 | Beliefs | by Todd Stiles

        FFC believes in and holds to the philosophy of text-driven preaching, more commonly referred to as expository preaching. That is our gold-medal standard when it comes to biblical communication from the pulpit. We believe that since the Word...