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The kings and The King

Mar 11, 2018 | Mark Spencer

Stupidity Under Sovereignty [Bondurant]

Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, but his son Rehoboam, the next in line for the throne of Israel, was a fool. His foolishness tears apart the kingdom of Israel and splits it in two. Throughout 1 Kings 12, we see that none of the foolish decisions made by the kings of Israel and Judah thwarted the sovereign plan of God. Listen as Pastor Mark explains how this truth applies to our lives today.

Series Information

Israel's biblical history is more than military conquest in chronological sequence. It is messianic prophecy in narrative form. This is especially and beatifully seen in the books of 1–2 Samuel, 1–2 Kings, and 1–2 Chronicles. Prepare to enjoy the adventure of the Old Testament in our 2017–2018 series, "The kings and the King," and appreciate anew the anticipation of Christ woven throughout each of these historical books.