Short Term Trips

FFC’s 2016 short-term GO trips are designed to help our people either 1) experience a mission field or 2) explore and learn more about missions. Both help us understand God’s heart for the nations.

While all our trips have a required application, the nature of certain trips, namely CAN trips, means that, even if you apply, these are by ‘invite only.’ If you think you, or someone you know, would make a great candidate, please pray about it, talk to that person, and then inform the coordinator of that trip. Help our leaders get their radar on these goers! Remember—It is a tremendous honor to be asked to be a representative of FFC and the Lord Jesus Christ.

2018 Short-term go trips

Central Asia

Summer | $2,000–$2,500

Contact Trip Leader

South Asia

Late Summer | $2,500

Contact Trip Leader

Des Moines

August | $350 (Youth)

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Engage Global

August 17–20 | $225–325

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East Africa

November | $2,500

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