Short Term Trips

FFC’s 2019 short-term GO trips are designed to help our people either 1) experience a mission field or 2) explore and learn more about missions. Both help us understand God’s heart for the nations.

While all our trips have a required application, the nature of certain trips, namely CAN trips, means that, even if you apply, these are by ‘invite only.’ If you think you, or someone you know, would make a great candidate, please pray about it, talk to that person, and then inform the coordinator of that trip. Help our leaders get their radar on these goers! Remember—It is a tremendous honor to be asked to be a representative of FFC and the Lord Jesus Christ.

2019 Short-term go trips

Southeast Asia

Leader: David Davenport
Partners in view: Undisclosed

This will be a small, hand-picked group from applicants who understand the rigors and dangers associated with life and ministry in a closed country.   

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Leader: dave nelson
Partners in view: Timur Nesbitt

Experience ministry to Muslims in this closed country by being part of the small team sent to assist our church planter there through personal encouragement, visible help, and prayer. 

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Leader: tom urban
Partners in view: Tri-grace and ECB

This annual week-long outreach to Mormons is an excellent opportunity to experience street witnessing and one-on-one evangelism. Before you go, you'll receive solid training in gospel basics and how to share your faith.

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Leader: Travis Walker
Partners in view: kristi walker

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This high school-only trip is coordinated through our student ministries and is aimed at conducting a teen camp in the city of Berlin.

Extra Opportunity – Reformation Tour

Leader: Eric Trout

Though not an official GO Trip, this educational opportunity will be a terrific way to learn about one of the reformers—Martin Luther. You’ll visit key sites and places, and explore both physically and spiritually the key elements that were part of the Great Reformation. 

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Leader: todd stiles
Partners in view: The Timothy initiative

Visit this risky region of the world and see first-hand the church-planter training school we’ve sponsored in a refugee camp. Over 30 indigenous church planters from the region will rendezvous during our visit to this closed country.

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Leader: Cindy Robinson
Partners in view: Undisclosed

This ladies-only trip is in conjunction with our state convention and is aimed at ministering to refugee families in Istanbul, as well as encouraging missionary families with whom we are connected.

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Leader: ed gregory

See what ministry is like to Alaska Natives in regions off the beaten path in America’s largest state. Village evangelism and church encouragement are the targets for this group of willing participants who are ready for an adventure. 

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Leader: Chris Eller
Partners in view: Haneys

Serve and encourage our partners in this Nordic country by helping with music ministry and street evangelism, as well as miscellaneous tasks throughout the stay. 

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April 27
Leader: eric trout
outreach trip

Come one, come all! Let’s help our current church planting resident cover every street in Adel with a personal invitation to their launch day. Teams will be canvasing the south side of Adel with fliers, prayer walking as they blanket the town with information about Restoration Church. 

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