Adult Classes


Class begins January 9

Precept Bible Study: How to Stand Firm When Tested (1 Peter)

Tuesdays | 6:30pm
Room 203
Precept Leader: Tony Didlo

About the Inductive Bible Study Method. Individual study is the first step. Group discussion based observations and insights from personal study are encouraged. It is in the discussion, for many students, that the lesson begins to “gel.” The discussion confirms, clarifies, and corrects as each student seeks to discover truth for themselves. Discussion of the Bible’s truths helps to seal them in our minds and sharing application encourages individuals to live out what they are learning. In this approach, spending time to know what the Bible says, understanding what it means, and living it out in our daily life, results in a life that honors God. 

Study Details. This “Precept Upon Precept” study is a 12-week study of the book of 1 Peter, “How To Stand Firm When Tested.” We will go deeper into God’s Word using inductive Bible Study methods and see what Peter has to say to believers enduring tribulations. This Bible study is open to men and women of all ages, whether you are new to Precept Bible Studies or have been studying inductively for many years. The cost of the workbook is $27 dollars. If you would like to learn more without committing, please join us on January 9 for an introduction to Inductive Bible Study.




Classes begin January 10

Men’s Bible Study: Man and His Fatherhood

Wednesdays | 6pm
Room 202
Leaders: Ryan Willhite & Jeff Tibbles

Being a dad is one of the most important and influential roles a man could ever play in his life. But being a good dad doesn't always come naturally. That's what this volume of 33 The Series is all about … setting you up to win as a dad. All six sessions are designed to help dads think strategically about how they play out their important role. It equips you with insights that will help guide you through key decisions and the great challenges of being dad. For more information about this study, please contact Ryan Willhite or Jeff Tibbles .


Your Body, God’s Temple

Wednesdays | 6pm
Room 203
Leader: Dr. Ole Olson

Your Body His Temple will focus on giving you the information and tools necessary to keep your body healthy, nourished, and sustained – empowering you to pour from a full cup into the hearts and lives of others. This four-week class is open to men and women of all ages.


Weekly Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays | 6–7:30pm
Room 204
Leaders: Paul & Cindy Johnston 

The Prayer Team meets is available every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 pm. Feel free to join for 10 minutes or the entire time; you are free to come and go. If you have any prayer requests/praises or thanksgivings, you can share them via a Feedback Card in the auditorium chairs or by sending an email to

Starting February 7...

Principles and Practices for Parenting

Wednesdays | 6:00–7:30 pm
Room 203
Leaders: Todd & Julie Stiles

This is an 8-week course broken down into four two-week, age appropriate sections between February and May. You are not signing up for the entire class, but only for the two-week section that applies to/interests you. Class size is limited to 40. Childcare is available, but if your child does not attend AWANA, you will need to register your child for childcare.

Course Sections:

  • Parenting kids 0-2 years: Feb. 7 & 14
  • Parenting kids 3-5 years: March 7 and 21
  • Parenting kids 6-11 years: April 4 and 11
  • Parenting kids 12-18 years: May 9 & 16



Classes Begin January 7

Having A Real Relationship with God

Sundays | 10:30am
Room 203
Leader: Tony Didlo

Having a Real Relationship with God is a 6-week small-group study for people who are interested in learning more about what the Bible says, but who have only limited time to meet together. This transforming inductive study offers hope to anyone who yearns to know God and relate to Him in meaningful ways. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how God's love compelled Him to bridge the chasm between heaven and earth so that the two of you could enjoy a rewarding relationship that lasts for all eternity.