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From the very beginning of First Family Church, personal growth has been a high value (2 Peter 3:18; Luke 2:52). In fact, it’s one of three key words we use to describe what we do week after week—celebrate, grow, and serve. Whether spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, or socially, growing matters.   

Understanding that, you can see why we seek to employ numerous avenues to help our faith family grow. Whether it’s customized curriculum for our small groups, online classes, series-related books authored or recommended by our pastor(s), seasonal devotionals written by our members, FFTV, the Extra Point podcast, or the recent FFC Bible Institute, we are aware that growing must be a regular pursuit through a variety of platforms.

So we strive to facilitate that within the culture and environment of this local body of believers.  

It’s from that desire that we introduce the FFC Blog—a regular collection of articles designed to help you grow. This blog brings together many gifted writers within our church, trusted people whose experience, knowledge, or understanding will undoubtedly benefit the faith community here.

The topics will vary, but you can rest assured that each “release” will be soundly theological, culturally practical, and vividly personal. Consider this blog an opportunity to peek inside the life and mind of someone growing alongside you from your own church, someone seeking to live out their life in a gospel-centered, disciple-making, world-impacting, God-glorifying fashion. 

You can access the FFC Blog here on our website, or click the subscribe button on the home page. We will also post the link to each new post on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Take your pick. Just don’t miss this opportunity to grow.

Of course, each issue will be archived on our site as well, so you can reference it at specific times when you need a bit of information or encouragement. 

Feel free to share this with others, too. It may only take a few clicks to get the “growth” ball rolling in someone else’s life. 

Our first official post will be dropping next week, written by one of our own FFC members. I’m looking forward to what this blog will become, and hope you’ll grow with me this year.


Pastor Todd



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